Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's been a while...

Hello again!

I've been a very bad blogger. Let's not dwell on how long it's been since I've written anything and get right to the 'post at hand.'  Things have been going well. I am down over 50 pounds and will (hopefully) soon reach a major milestone - finally being under 300 pounds. There are no health benefits specific to this particular accomplishment, but the psychological implications can not be overstated. I honestly do not remember the last time I weighed less than 300 pounds. I was in the 200s in high school and college, so it had to be some time between starting graduate school and moving to Kentucky, which covers about 15 years. But since I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, I'm not that surprised. On the subject of breakfast, Lynne's Paradise Cafe has some *amazing* french toast. Not that I can eat french toast for the most part. Which leads me to the other major news since my last post - I finally have real restriction. It makes a world of difference. I thought I had this 'eating with a band' thing figured out. Ha! I was about as close on that one as I was on my last game of darts. I'm still not allowed back in that place.  So, now I can't eat things like chicken (most all of the time), many breads (especially bagels), and several other random things, like brussel sprouts, and more recently pork loin. However, I seem to have no problem with cupcakes and fried green tomatoes. This could be an issue. 

With this new level of restriction I have made two new friends: papaya enzyme and to-go boxes.  Anyone with a band - learn to love to-go boxes. Do it now. Oh, and tapas places. If you can't make friends with the to-go box, you must befriend your local tapas places. Many people will sing the praises of the children's menu. Children's menus can be great - if you want to eat like a child. If I want pb&j or a grilled cheese sandwhich, I'll make my own - it will probably taste better anyway (there are certain exceptions to this rule, such as Melt in Cleveland, but what they make you will not find on any kiddie menu).  So, find your local tapas places and start a bromance with the to-go box. Oh, and appetizer and small plate menus. Unless you eat at places like Chili's or Applebee's or Olive Garden (which is a whole other issue entirely, and you should just stop doing it. Seriously. Stop it.) The appetizers at most of these places can be worse than the entrees. It's better to avoid them entirely (not just the appetizers, just avoid the entire the restaurant). Trust me - go spend the same amount of money eating much less food off of a much better menu. Think of the band as a gift - the gift of not eating crap food. Just because you are eating less does not mean you do not deserve to eat well. So, tapas and to-go boxes (However, if you need a to-go box *at* the tapas place, your band might be too tight, lol).

An off topic note:  I'm am about to get on a bit of a soap box, please do not be offended.  Here goes...

I appreciate the whole 'pink' thing. I know many people who have battled breast cancer, with varying results. I am overjoyed that people are aware of breast cancer and that funds are being raised for research and support almost everywhere one looks. I get it - we need to fight breast cancer.  But...and you knew there was going to be a But...

What about all the other cancers and cancer survivors out there?  Where are their fund raisers, their 5K runs, their cookie sales, their candy bars and soup cans? Their sneakers and their 'pink-outs'?  I know people who have fought, again with varying levels of success, blood cancers, hodgkin's disease, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, and many other equally awful diseases. Who is fighting for them?  What color ribbon should they wear? What color ribbon should *I* wear? I am a sarcoma survivor and I was just diagnosed with skin cancer.  One person, two different cancers, no ribbons. Two different cancers, and I still can't participate in the Survivor's Walk at the Kentucky Oaks because I don't/didn't have the *right kind* of cancer. For some reason, that just rubs me the wring way. I just had to get that off my chest. I will get off my soap now. Thank you for reading.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your skin cancer! What have your doctors said about it? As for the "pink" thing - my mom had breast cancer and she even hates the whole pink ribbon/relay for self-importance thing. If you want to do something for cancer research, make a donation or volunteer doing something actually useful.

    You are much more zen about the no bagel thing than I would be. I had a bagel for breakfast this morning and 20 minutes later I was daydreaming about tomorrow morning's bagel. If I had to give them up I would have to go the aversion therapy route and force-feed myself blueberry and cinnamon-raisin ones. That would cure me forever (sweet bagels are abominations!)

  2. Hey! The skin cancer is a basal cell carcinoma - no big whoop, except that it's in the middle of my face...sigh. The doctor is going to have me do a cream (essentially chemotherapy in tube form) rather than cutting it off since it is right above my upper lip. I'll look line I have a giant fever blister for about 6 weeks, but then it should heal with little or no scar. It just find it amusing since I always wear sunscreen and lived in the dark in Alaska for 12 years...